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Most auto insurance companies provide fast and free car insurance quotes. We all want to see cheap car insurance rates, but don't forget appropriate coverage and service are also important. It is what matters when you have an accident, or you're stuck on the side of the road. Everyone needs car insurance so make sure you choose a company that delivers affordable rates and personalized service when you need it.

GEICO's been working hard to provide best-in-class customer service for over 75 years, while also providing competitive auto insurance rates. See what we have to offer with an online car insurance quote.

Why do you need car insurance?

A car insurance policy helps provide financial protection for you, and possibly others, if you're involved in an accident. Most states, require a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage for most vehicles, but you may decide to add additional coverage for extra protection and peace of mind.

What do you need to know about auto insurance?

It's important to understand a few things about a car insurance policy to make sure you're making the best decision for yourself. Our helpful resources will help you learn more about car insurance.

Personalize Your Car Insurance Quote

There are state laws regarding the types and limits of coverage you must carry on your auto insurance policy. But you can still customize your policy. Once you determine what coverages and limits you need, you're ready to get a quote.

Car Insurance Coverage Calculator

You may have questions about which car insurance policy is best for you, such as:

  • How much bodily injury coverage should I carry?
  • How much property damage coverage should I have?
  • How much should my deductible be?

Our coverage calculator can help answer these questions and more.

What you'll need to get a car insurance quote.

There's information you'll need to get an accurate auto insurance quote. Try to make sure you have these items ready before you start:

  • Valid driver's license
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Address the vehicle will be stored

What are your car insurance quote options?

You can customize your GEICO Auto Insurance policy to get coverage that fits your needs. There are a variety of different car insurance coverages and limits you can choose to create your own personalized policy.

Benefits of GEICO Car Insurance coverage:

  • Top rated GEICO mobile app
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Car insurance discounts available

Auto insurance coverages required in most states:

  • Bodily injury coverage
  • Property damage coverage
  • Uninsured motorist coverage

Additional car insurance coverages to consider:

  • Collison
  • Comprehensive
  • Medical coverages
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Rental reimbursement

Check out our car insurance coverage page to learn more about each type of coverage.

Your Auto Insurance Discounts are Waiting

GEICO offers many discounts that may help you save money on car insurance if you're eligible. You may already qualify for a variety of policy discounts and premium reductions. From student discounts to good driver discounts(5-year accident-free), see how much you could save.

Bundle and save with property and auto insurance.

See how much you could save when you combine property insurance with your GEICO Car Insurance policy. It's like GEICO and Geckos. Better together. Check out our Multi-Policy Discount page for all the ways you could bundle and save.

Car Insurance Comparison

When comparing car insurance quotes or rates, make sure they're for the same.

  • Coverages
  • Deductibles
  • Limits

How does your current car insurance compare? Learn how to compare car insurance and see why GEICO is the best choice.

Service for When You Need Us

Have a question about your auto insurance policy? GEICO provides anytime access to licensed insurance agents 24/7/365.

97% Customer Satisfaction**

You can't please everyone, but it doesn't hurt to try. We're committed to:

  • Taking your feedback seriously
  • Working hard every day to improve insurance for you

It's one of the ways we're working to make insurance simple, quick, and easy.

Easier in the App

We're dedicated to making insurance easier in our app and online with:

  • 1 tap bill pay
  • Digital ID cards
  • Claims filing, and more

Our focus is on creating and improving the things important to you. Need help? You can also use the GEICO mobile app to access our virtual assistant, or call us anytime.

Local Insurance Agents

GEICO insurance agents are standing by with a local presence:

  • Local agents providing outstanding customer service to answer questions about car insurance and more
  • A commitment to each community we serve

Find your closest GEICO insurance agent.

Convenient Claims and Repairs

Accidents can be stressful. We work to make it easy for you to:

  • Report an auto claim anytime online, with our insurance app, or over the phone.
  • Our Auto Repair Xpress® program is fast and convenient, with guaranteed repairs as long as you own the vehicle.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Add Emergency Road Service coverage to your car insurance policy to help with:

  • Jump starts
  • Labor to change a flat tire
  • Towing (non-accident related), and more

Auto Insurance Reviews from Real Customers

Being Able to Delay for Payroll check to clear

"Hi, I work for a company that give our checks after 2:00 every other week. I leave after 5:00 pm. My renewal policy was due today, so the fact you have a window of a few days saves my worrying. I'm sorry to have to do that but right now. This is wonderful for me. Thanks for all your options and understanding."

SusBag on November 21, 2020

"This website is incredibly easy to use and lays out all information very clearly. There was an instance when I needed to speak with a customer service representative, and she was extremely helpful. I always thought getting car insurance would be a stressful experience, but the website and the people made the experience easy. Thanks!"

mal2insure on November 16, 2020
So Easy!!

"Just wanted to send a note that adding and removing vehicles from my policy is so easy! The website is very user friendly. Anytime I've had a question and called in, I've received excellent customer service. Thank you Geico!"

CeeBee on November 01, 2020
A GEICO customer...

"As a GEICO customer, i'm very well pleased with their customer service & their rates of auto insurance ! I've recommended GEICO to all my friends & they have seen my auto insurance bills, which are very low cost ! This is due to my careful driving experience, as i have no moving violations & my driving record is absolutely cle..."

warpigz on October 19, 2020
Dead Battery to Live Battery in Under an Hour

"I may have just hit the "sweet spot" on this, but it's still remarkable. It began this morning with a dead battery. I called GEICO emergency road service. The road service was here in less than 10 minutes after the agent processed the call. He jump-started the car, I drove to AutoZone, got the new battery and installed it in the park..."

OverandOut on September 25, 2020
Can't talk to anyone, 45 minutes on hold

"Wait forever to talk to someone while listening to stupid voice telling me to go to on-line. Go to on-line and can’t modify my account. Both my cars are owned out right and I can get the system to change it. I “may” want to change the Prius coverages, but not on your on-line service. You call me."

Dave2 on September 22, 2020
Adding car to insurance, processing delayed.

"Getting a quote online is nice, but it's too delayed. When a customer buys a car often they may travel to look at the car. If they decide to purchase, they need insurance immediately so they can drive it off the lot. Currently, quotes are being processed in a manner that is not possible. I wish GEICO could apply something immediately even just..."

mglind on September 18, 2020
This product has all the features that I wanted.

"The salesman was great. All around a good experience."

RosesRRed80 on September 17, 2020

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Auto Insurance: Get the answers you're looking for.

  • How can I save money on car insurance?

    There are several ways you can save money on your car insurance. These can include considering vehicle safety features and reviewing existing car insurance coverages.
  • What auto insurance coverages are available?

    Your auto insurance policy consists of multiple car insurance coverages. Coverages provide protection in different situations. Coverages have different limits and may have deductibles. Specific coverages and limits may also be required by a lienholder or lender.
  • Do you offer Accident Forgiveness?

    Yes, we offer Accident Forgiveness (not available in CA, CT, and MA) to help keep your insurance rates affordable. In most states GEICO Accident Forgiveness*** can be earned or purchased. In other words, if eligible you may be able to get Accident Forgiveness for free or buy it as an upgrade to your policy.
  • What auto insurance payment methods and plans are available?

    GEICO offers flexible ways to pay your car insurance bill. These range from the way you make your payment to the amount you pay and when. You can determine the best car insurance payment option for you and we'll provide the details.
  • How can I compare auto insurance quotes?

    An auto insurance quote comparison doesn't need to be complicated. Follow a few simple guidelines to ensure you're comparing the right parts of car insurance. We're here to help you understand your options and make the best choice for your auto insurance needs.
  • Is there a GEICO Local Agent near me?

    We have many GEICO Local Agents across the country ready to help you with your insurance needs. Find one near you.

***Not available in CA, CT, and MA; purchase product not available in all states.

Free Accident Forgiveness applies to qualifying drivers who have been accident-free for five years or more. It may not apply to drivers under 21 years of age.

Accident Forgiveness applies only to your first accident. Your insurance rate won't go up as a result of your first otherwise surchargeable, at-fault accident. Subsequent occurrences do not qualify for Accident Forgiveness. Accident Forgiveness eligibility is determined by your specific policy type, as well as your state laws and regulations. Terms vary according to state law.

**Average savings amount based on national GEICO New Policyholder survey data through July 2019.

The GEICO Mobile app and site received #1 rankings according to the Keynova Group Q1 and Q3 2020 Mobile Insurance Scorecards

Customer satisfaction based on an independent study conducted by Alan Newman Research, 2020.